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Answers to our commonly asked questions
What is FirstPick?

FirstPick is T&G’s online ordering system for fresh produce. It provides a single place for you to browse our stock, review pricing and even place your order. Once placed, your order is sent to our sales specialists at your selected branch who then ensure that you are provided with the most appropriate produce available on that day. As your order is processed you can check in using the FirstPick website to see what you’ve been sold to make sure that you can respond to market availability as soon as possible.

Do I need to be a T&G customer in order to use FirstPick?

Yes, you need to be a T&G customer in order to use FirstPick. If you are not yet a T&G customer you can sign-up here

Will FirstPick work on my mobile device?

Yes! FirstPick is optimised for mobile. Simply visit from your mobile browser and login as you would on your computer.

Who do I contact to discuss my order?

Our sales specialists are on hand during operating hours to help with any query you might have regarding your order. To find your closest branch refer to our branch directory

Is the pricing in FirstPick accurate?

The pricing in FirstPick is provided by our sales specialists and is as up to date as possible. Due to the volatility of produce pricing you may see some variation between the listed price and what you are charged on your invoice.

I've made a mistake, how do I change my order?

Once your order has been submitted you can only remove items prior to stock allocation. If your order has not yet been processed you can remove an item using the delete button on the appropriate item within your order. To add a different item simply go to the ‘Shop’ page and create a new order.

If your order has already been processed by our sales specialists you will need to contact them directly to discuss the correction.

Can I have more than one order on a day?

Absolutely! You can create multiple orders throughout the day as your needs change. To create an order simply go to the ‘Shop’ page and begin adding items, once you’re happy with the order follow the checkout process to complete the order.

Question not here?

Let us know what question you would like answered and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

FirstPick FAQs Question Form

FirstPick FAQs Question Form